The rise in popularity of 401(k) plans has revealed that plan participants, by and large, simply don't know how to invest for retirement.

It’s not that they don’t want to make good investment decisions; they are simply uninformed and too emotional at the wrong times. The investment mistakes commonly made by plan participants include:

  • don’t save enough
  • too conservative (or too aggressive) with their investment choices
  • too concentrated in a particular asset (or asset class)
  • leave their 401(k) asset allocation in the default investment (typically 100% low-yielding money market accounts)
  • chase performance

Delta Capital Management designs, implements and provides ongoing investment expertise for all types of qualified corporate retirement plans. We focus on your company and employees’ specific needs, delivering personal attention, and flexible service. Our goal is to help your employees avoid the mistakes that can keep them from a successful retirement outcome.

A retirement plan managed by Delta Capital Management provides your participants two key advantages:

Proprietary 401K investment menu

We define a successful investment menu by how well it grows the participant’s assets over time. Our proprietary 401K plan offers the highest quality investment options to choose from including a myriad of sector funds and, in some cases, the ability to buy individual stocks. We utilize a defined investment review and monitoring process to select investments and evaluate their ongoing performance.

Professional Portfolio Management for participants

One of the things that sets our practice apart is providing participants professional management for their portfolios over time. Delta Capital Management can take the burden of managing their portfolios off the participants – and thus the Fiduciary – by providing full investment management services to the participant accounts. That’s correct; we can make the decisions for you.

At Delta Capital Management, the portfolio management process is the cornerstone to investing.

As seen by the chart, the process is an ongoing process by which:


An investor's goals, preferences and constraints are identified and specified to develop explicit investment policies.

Strategies are developed and implemented through the selection of optimal combinations of assets in the marketplace.

Expectations are derived and the investment environment is defined.

Market conditions, relative asset values and the investor's circumstances are monitored; and

Portfolio adjustments are made as appropriate to reflect significant change in any or all of the relevant variables.

To learn more about our portfolio management expertise, click here or go to the Investment Management page of our website.