In an effort to attract and retain good employees, a company needs to offer a top-tier retirement plan.

Education and enabling participant success is a process, not an event.

Unique to Delta Capital Management is the education and advisory support provided to your plan participants. We are committed to partnering with you to provide both a comprehensive retirement plan and individual planning assistance to help your employees build the bridge from career to retirement; including IRA services.

Our commitment to helping your participants realize their retirement goals includes:

Regular exposure to "Value Added" content to keep retirement planning a priority.

It’s one thing to offer hundreds of investment options in your plan. What makes us different is our attentive, experienced staff that is available to provide consulting services to help your employees choose the best investments for their specific goals and risk tolerances.  This gives your employees access to expertise that they may not normally have access to and they can even retain us to professionally manage their portfolios for a reasonable fee.

Experienced Staff Providing Investment consulting for plan participants.

Staying in front of participants and timely education that transcends the complexities of retirement plans is important for successful participant outcomes. We provide your participants a regular stream of email delivered information to keep them informed on how to optimize their retirement plan savings, tax changes and important updates that could affect them. These messages are co-branded with our clients to keep their “retirement planning” top of mind with participants.

Assistance in consolidating previous retirement accounts into an IRA.

Leaving a 401(k) with a previous employer could mean leaving it alone with no one to watch over it.  At Delta Capital Management, we offer a free consultation to help participants take control of their retirement assets by using IRAs. We help participants select the one best option and open the account without paying taxes or penalties. This process provides participants investment advantages and “piece of mind” by knowing that someone is looking out for their earned retirement dollars.

Delta Capital Management provides you a process to educate employees to save for retirement and invest in their futures that is both efficient and effective.