Proven Process

Delta Capital Management recognizes an effective retirement plan begins with a sound plan design strategy and that not every company fits into the same retirement plan design. Our process is designed to help ensure plan success by providing a plan design that works for your unique goals and requirements.

This consultative process is designed to understand your needs, providing appropriate retirement solutions and implement an ongoing management process to ensure your plan remains compliant in this changing regulatory environment.

Identify and Evaluate Objectives
Your Company and your employees are unique.  It requires an experienced professional to navigate through the myriad of retirement plan choices to identify those best suited for your situation. After identifying goals and objectives, we present our findings with your plan committee. From this, we formulate a "blueprint" of what your plan should look like.

Contact Plan Providers & Administrators
Once a "blueprint" to meet your company's objectives has been laid out, we contact the plan providers and administrators that we feel would be an appropriate fit. We are not limited by any exclusive relationships that would limit our options.  Our responsibility is to help you determine which program is best suited for your goals and objectives. Cost is a primary concern. However, we would not forego quality for a lower price.

Analyze Data and Make Recommendations
Once we've scoured the market, we then present your company with a comprehensive analysis. No two plan providers/administrators have exactly the same services or pricing methodology, so we analyze the data for you and work with you to determine the best fit.

Ongoing Due Diligence and Educational Support
One of the things that really set us apart as a plan consulting firm is that we provide ongoing due diligence and educational support for the plan committee and plan participants. In our estimation, it's simply not enough to set up a plan and simply close the door behind us. The capital markets are complex and ever-changing. For this reason, we provide ongoing support to help your company and your employees reach their long-term financial goals.

To learn more about the retirement plan consulting process, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone us at (407) 331-8004. We look forward to developing a comprehensive blueprint to assist your company in achieving its retirement plan goals.

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Through client-specific financial analysis and independent and proprietary investment research, our services are designed to secure your well being for the long-term. As your investment professional, we are committed to delivering performance in a manner that is consistent with your needs, goals and desires. Headquartered in Orlando Florida, Delta Capital Management serves clients globally.