401K Rollovers

If you're not at your last job, your 401(k) shouldn't be either.

Leaving a 401(k) with a previous employer could mean leaving it alone with no one to watch over it. At Delta Capital Management, we offer a free consultation to explain the options for your 401(k) and help you select the one that's best for you. If you'd like to roll it over into a managed IRA with Delta, we can help you do it without paying taxes or penalties. You can feel confident someone is looking out for you and your hard earned retirement dollars.

A 401K Rollover with Delta Capital Management is smart:

  • We choose the investments for you – You don't have to go through the complex task of choosing the no-load funds that fit your risk tolerance and return objectives. We can invest your old 401K dollars in retirement funds that will give you a well-diversified portfolio designed around your anticipated retirement time frame.
  • We adjust the investment portfolio over time – Our investment experts continually monitor the capital markets and your portfolio asset allocation. As your retirement time frame approaches, we will adjust your portfolio to reflect your reduced risk tolerance. Further, after retirement, we will continue to work with you to maximize retirement income.
  • We actively manage the assets – Every investment in the portfolio will be individually selected based on our in-house proprietary research. We review and adjust your portfolio based on our analysis of the economy and financial markets. Don't be fooled by the banks and brokerage houses that want to leave you in an asset allocation for life while they go look for another client. You need to, and deserve to, work with a firm who has your best interest in mind.
  • We keep expenses low – You will be invested in only no-load mutual funds, which are available through Fidelity Investments. We don't charge loads or sales charges or commissions for any of the funds we buy. Our dedication to keeping expenses low means your investment works harder and more of the pure return is kept in your portfolio.
    *** When suitable, we also offer portfolios that blend individual equities or bonds to our mutual fund foundations.
  • Our Rollover experts make it easy – A rollover expert will guide you every step of the way. They can open your account with some simple paperwork and will assist you in working with your former employer to ensure a seamless, tax efficient transition to your new portfolio. They will even handle most of the paperwork for you.

Independence. Expertise. Integrity.

Through client-specific financial analysis and independent and proprietary investment research, our services are designed to secure your well being for the long-term. As your investment professional, we are committed to delivering performance in a manner that is consistent with your needs, goals and desires. Headquartered in Orlando Florida, Delta Capital Management serves clients globally.